STAMPATELLO is well equipped to satisfy customers’ needs also in the following fields:


When we receive the files from external graphics studios, we perform pre-printing checks to guarantee a final result with the highest quality. As an alternative, we can personally develop graphic proposals and stylistic solutions that best suit customers’ needs and offer a full service that goes from design to delivery of the finished product.


Pictures are the heart of the printed product and can make the difference in the communication process. Stampatello can offer its customers the necessary assistance during photo shootings, prior to the graphic design project.


A specific sector of our activity is dedicated to the designing of pvc cards, like the ones that fill our pockets daily, but that are an essential element of our life. We use any technique and technology that is now available (rfid, magnetic strips, contact chips, barcodes and any type of variable data) to create cards with the most varied application areas (association membership cards, badges, collection points, fidelity cards…).


If we want our own communication to travel fast, we must always be on the road where potential clients meet. Stampatello offers different types of vehicle customization, from pre-spaced adhesives up to a full bodywork coating.


The internal logistics department that manages the delivery of the product to the client can organize specific shipping requests with the support of major carriers operating at a national and international level. And moreover, Stampatello can also take care, for its clients, of postal deliveries of different types (volume dispatches, brochures, magazines/journals…) and sizes (from a few items to thousands of units).

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